AZWhatsApp APK

App Name AZWhatsApp APK
Publisher GBAPPX
Genre Privacy & Data Share
Size 45 MB
Latest Version v10.90
Required 5.0 +
MOD No Mod
Developer GBAppx
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Update 9 hours ago
AZ WhatsApp is compatible with all new features of any WhatsApp mod. AZ WhatsApp Apk is the latest variant here. You can open many WhatsApp mods that you can use.
AZWhatsApp APK
Yes, WhatsApp MOD Madness is still alive. Developer Sam Mods, responsible for creating alternative versions of the most used Android app like Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp (Mr. Zuckerberg should be happy), has now included the AZ WhatsApp.
This is a version of WhatsApp that aims to include more options and features than official development. For many users, the instant messaging app has all the options necessary to perform its main function, to communicate and send files to our contacts. However, other users always like and prefer to use other types of software, even if it is less secure and violates some specific rules because WhatsApp is not open source.
The market is full of interesting and exciting applications because there are many third-party productions. There is time for APK files and programs that have introduced mature and well -executed applications to users.  AZ WhatsApp GB is also one of the APK files that you can easily download from the official WhatsApp website.


Typically, AZ WhatsApp is introduced on the name of the developer of this Mod know as Ali Al-Zaibi. Users need Android version 5.5 or higher to activate AZ WhatsApp. The app works on its own and you will most likely get an innovative version of WhatsApp for your mobile.
The WhatsApp mod Apk on the AZ WhatsApp APK website is the most attractive news. Since WhatsApp is a new mod in this regard, it also has new highlights. However, this WhatsApp mod is like other mods with some interesting features. AZ WhatsApp is like updated YoWhatsApp or FMWhatsApp customization.


AZWhatsApp is one of the best WhatsApp mods for devices that keep popping up to delete repetitive multimedia notes. We will talk about the new WhatsApp mod known as AZ WhatsApp APK. AZWhatsApp APK gives you a duplicate item on your WhatsApp laptop. You can use this app with the official WhatsApp. AZWhatsApp APK is the only version that can translate your conversations. We will tell you more about the app and its great features. You should read more.

Features and Functions

It has all the features of the original application. We just mentioned the exclusive features.
This WhatsApp MOD contains dozens of interesting options, but we will look at the most important.
  • The first thing is its interface design with some red shadows.
  • It allows us to schedule messages and have hidden conversations.
  • It can ability to translate the conversation in multiple languages.
  • Multiple themes are available in this Mod.
  • Different styles for blue and bubble control to choose from.
  • Ability to send 50MB of videos instead of 16MB.
  • Our status can be expanded to 250 characters instead of 139.
  • We can download user stories.
  • This allows us to block audio transmission.
  • Contains GIF backgrounds that match the interface color.
  • And many other options.

Advanced Features of AZ WhatsApp APK

Languages ​​and translations
With this application you can speak more than 15 languages. You can also translate the message from one language to another.
Safe calling
You can set a password for specific conversations. That way no one else can access your chat.
Notices against deletion
This version does not allow the sender to delete messages. Now you can have the real message at hand.
Application Lock
You can set a password for the app, which can lock the app for better use.
Amendment and customization
You can customize many things in the app, including the navigation bar, wallpaper, app icon, and status bar.
The app works legally.  You will never be restricted to the original application.
Contacts network information
The app tells you when your contacts are online. This feature allows you to communicate effectively.
Secure Conversation with Password
You can set a password for specific news. That way no one else can join your conversation.
Restore Deleted Message
This version does not allow the sender to delete messages. Now you can get the real message.
Application Lock
You can set a password for the app, which can lock the app for better use.
Customization and navigation
You can customize many things in the app, such as the navigation bar, wallpaper, app icon, and status bar.
Do not disturb mode
If you want peace of mind using instant messaging, you can disconnect the app from the internet. And it's not called interrupt mode.
Better privacy
You can control all private functions in this version.
The opposite of prohibition
The app works legally. You are not limited to the original application.
Online contact information
The app tells you when your contacts are online. This feature allows you to communicate effectively.
Better privacy
You can control all private functions. With this version, you can set character attributes, duplicate characters, display status, write status and recording status.  This version allows you to be completely private.
Privacy protection
Surprisingly, you can save battery power by reducing additional click functions. Also, the new version of AZ WhatsApp allows you to hide various features from the settings, but on the other hand, the Fouad WhatsApp APK will also amaze you in terms of privacy features.
The privacy setting has the following characteristics:
  • keep the minutes
  • Hide from double
  • writing status
  • Itala
  • Hide the situation
  • Flight mode
Airplane mode
There is airplane mode in AZ Whatsapp that lets you turn off your Whatsapp network or internet connection one at a time. Any time you are bothered by messages and calls and you want peace and quiet, click on Airplane mode. You can call it "Do Not Disturb Mode".
Custom Exhibition
Have you customized your Whtaspp screen? If you can't, listen to it. You can now change the colors and themes on your mobile screen. In addition, there are 30 completely new and innovative fonts in this Whatsapp. In addition, you have a large selection of 3000 themes that you can choose for the screen.
Advanced and secure
In particular, the app is very secure with many security policies. You can also set different passwords for different conversations to keep you informed.  This WhatsApp is also difficult to access because it allows users to encrypt their conversation. Therefore, you can use it freely.
More fonts
You can use more than 30 new fonts in conversations.
Many more topics
The theme library is full of themes again. You can choose from over 3000 special themes.
Languages ​​and translations
With this app you can speak more than 15 languages.  You can also translate the message from one language to another.

AZWhatsApp APK download and Installation Guide

Next is how to download AZ Whatsapp? Sometimes users are surprised at the method of downloading APK file. But I will describe all the steps that will help you download WhatsApp directly. So, take a look at the steps below:
  • First, it is necessary to uninstall the original version of WhatsApp.
  • Enable "Unknown source" in mobile settings.
  • Then go to the website where you can get the APK AZ Whatsapp
  • Also select your device's storage file
  • Install the APK file regularly.
  • You need to wait a few seconds to install the app
  • Open AZ Whatsapp
  • Add your phone number to the registry
  • Get the verification code
  • Enter the code
  • Choose your name and display the photo
  • You can't find the app on Google Play. Therefore, you need to download the APK file from all third-party websites.
Most popular messaging app
Now WhatsApp is the most popular and used for messaging and chatting application where you can create different groups for different types of people and share your photos, videos and any message. All its features and its service make it a very messaging application. Now on every phone you will find an app with a green icon called WhatsApp. Now in this post we will share another version of WhatsApp called AZ WhatsApp.
Different from official WhatsApp application
AZWhatsapp is the MOD of the official version of WhatsApp. Thay will bring you many of the latest features. These features are not available on the official WhatsApp. So to learn AZWhatsapp properly, keep reading our post till the end and even if you are former AZWhatsapp user, you can easily download the latest version of AZWhatsapp from this post.
The latest updated AZWhatsapp offers you features not seen in the official version of WhatsApp. The official version of WhatsApp has some limitations, but AZWhatsapp fills in these gaps and will give you a great WhatsApp experience that the official version does.
All the features are superb and offer more than the official version of WhatsApp, such as sharing files, videos and photos. The original Whatsapp limits the size of the file to be shared, but AZWhatsapp will cost you more than that. 


Is it safe to use AZWhatsapp on My Phone?
I can hardly advise you not to use your personal number on AZWhatsapp. There is an option to ban your account. Your account may be banned in the future. So I recommend using a temporary number on AZWhatsapp.
What is AZWhatsapp?
AZWhatsapp is an alternative version of the official WhatsApp. That you can easily download from our site. This is the MOD version of WhatsApp and it provides different features for the user. You can get so many features there to customize your WA account.
How to download the latest version of AZWhatsapp?
Visit the official AZWhatsapp site to download AZWhatsapp. If you visit our website, you can get a direct download link to access your phone. And we are always trying to update and update our MODs on our site. So, you can easily get the latest version of AZWhatsapp from our site.

The Final Verdict

No one where AZ Whatsapp has a good policy. In addition, he has worked hard on security and display features. As everyone knows, these are the exact things that entice you for an app. In addition, hidden features are very useful to preserve battery life and other privacy policies. You can convert your money using AZ Whatsapp.
This version of WhatsApp + is the lite version. You will not find it as a load speed on your device. That you should use it for better communication experience.
AZWhatsApp is the only APK with YoWhatsapp and redundant features compared to other WhatsApp modes. You can use this application without being blacklisted. This application offers our special functions for deleting, for example, repetitive multimedia messages. It has more alternatives and features than the official evolving version of WhatsApp.
If you have any problem downloading AZWhatsApp APK or APK file, please leave your message in the comments.
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