Fouad WhatsApp APK

App Name Fouad WhatsApp APK
Publisher GBAPPX
Genre Privacy & Data Share
Size 46 MB
Latest Version v9.30
Required 5.0 +
MOD No Mod
Developer GBAppx
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Update 8 hours ago

WhatsApp messages have become one of the most popular applications. In 2017, the app was estimated to have over 1.5 billion active users per month. Because of this reputation, other users have developed their own different types of mods and applications. APK The designers of these APKs usually provide additional features that are missing from the official app for others to enjoy. FMWhatsApp - Fouad WhatsApp is just one of the mods. Before you know it, did you know you can find more mods in GBAppx.Com?

About the Fouad WhatsApp

As we continue to discuss WhatsApp mode features, it is important for developers to make them official for users who do not have official WhatsApp and want more features in the app. These different modes allow you to share new and better WhatsApp mods with your loved ones..

What is Fouad WhatsApp APK?

The app allows users to change chat styles, improve the app and use better privacy features. There are many features in the app. It has a high-quality screen manager and call blocker. It supports multiple languages and also has an anti-delete messages feature. In other words, you can still read the deleted message using the new Fouad WhatsApp APK feature.

Download Fouad WhatsApp APK for Android and other Smartphones

The most useful of all WhatsApp mods, the Fouad WhatsApp APK is known for its great feature set. Includes secure calls, customization, and better file transfers. The application works very well after installation.

It allows you to customize the interface in the best possible way by downloading different themes in the WhatsApp application. This improves the duration of the situation and helps you choose between different emojis. The best thing about the app is it transfers videos up to 1 GB. You can secure conversations and use the widget to enable certain privacy features.


How does Fouad WhatsApp APK work?

The app works incredibly well and is available from external sources. Since the Internet is a great resource for these types of apps, there are many websites that make up the updated version of WhatsApp Mod. Unfortunately, we are here to prevent unwanted searches. The app was recently downloaded and removed after a ban imposed for several days.

The original WhatsApp was used without reason to ban app downloads. Unfortunately, the developers have created protection for the app and make sure you can only use the app. Please enable your downloads from unknown sources first and then move on to another step.

Download the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp APK version 2022

The app developer is definitely a genius, as no one in fashion will work better these days. With many available features, Fouad WhatsApp APK is better than any other competitor in the market. It’s everyone’s favorite because it has no annoying ads and heavy download steps. The app has simple functions and is similar to WhatsApp, which makes the user comfortable in every way.

The importance of downloading WhatsApp Mod

The app is full of customization features and has great features that make the user feel the best. With almost zero bugs, third-party developers are proud to launch a very good app. Used successfully due to specifications.

On this page, we bring you the latest version of the app, completely free from malware and virus attacks. You don't have any problems downloading and running the app as we guarantee you will get a reliable app that won't leave any problems on your phone.

The special features of the app make all the users feel comfortable. The stylish app has a variety of images and videos that are amusing to the users.

You can also send some text without saving the number. We recommend that you remove the message forwarding tag. Moreover, users can turn on DND mode to get a newer but better version of WhatsApp.

What's New in the latest Fouad WhatsApp APK?

The new version of WhatsApp 2022 fashion fixes all bugs and issues that have been fixed. It has been given a new look, which improves users and makes it possible to communicate properly. Moreover, you can have the best experience and use and delete the app permanently for an embedded future.

The developers were unable to add new themes for some reason. Recently, the existing app has been completely updated so that there are no problems between users and developers. Fouad WhatsApp APK 2022 gives us more and better experiences.

What is the anti-ban mechanism about?

Third-party developers are committed to making sure you use the modified version of the app for life. The original options for banning WhatsApp were banned and thus the anti-gang mechanism was invented. By adding high-quality videos to unofficial WhatsApp, you can exchange conversations. In addition, there is no limit to the number of databases, including videos, images, and messages. The image submission limit has been removed in the latest version of the app. Download it for free from our website today.

What do the messages and situations against WhatsApp groups mean?

Want to know deleted text messages from other conversations? Select the anti-hacking feature in the latest APK of Fouad WhatsApp and you can easily recover deleted messages. You can view all deleted text using the deleted function. you just need to download the third-party app and you will get better security and social status.

You can customize who to call. You can create your own themes, emojis, and photos and send them to your WhatsApp contacts.

Features Of Fouad WhatsApp APK

Below is a list of features you can get after installing Fouad WhatsApp on your device. We recommend you try everything on the list so you can see for yourself.

You may be surprised at the many things Fouad can do with WhatsApp:

    • Set home screen wallpapers
    • Ability to place the image next to the bubbles
    • Image of external/internal calls
    • Image within/within the group
    • Check the input style before applying it
    • Select the Underline Color tab
    • Line color between home screen calls
    • Date message color on the home screen
    • Date color on the home screen
    • Name the color of the home screen
    • Document the color of the text on the chat screen
    • Name the color of the chat screen
    • Button color to play voice memos
    • Voice note playback record
    • Forward icon color
    • Forward color
    • Color of participants
    • Call blockers
    • White navigation bar for Android version 8.0+
    • Yowidget is not displayed correctly for Arabic (RTL) phones
    • The white status bar causes you to cut below to view the images
    • Delete messages against
    • Disable forward labels.
    • Hide in your phone's media gallery.
    • Theme loading does not apply to wallpaper
    • WhatsApp is a great phone
    • FAB now goes straight to RTL languages
    • Overall speed
    • Do Not Disturb (DND) - Airplane mode.
    • Set the photo as wallpaper on the home screen! (Option 1.1.2> Image)
    • Choose to place an image next to the All / First / Last bubble (option 3.4.6)
    • My picture outside / inside the interview (options 3.4.1)
    • My picture in inside / outside groups (option 3.4.3)
    • Check the input style before applying it
    • Select the selected tab color (option 2.1.11)
    • Line color between main screen calls (option 2.1.12)
    • Wait time on main message screen (option 2.1.13)
    • Date color on main screen (option 2.1.14)
    • Name the color on the home screen (option 2.1.15)
    • Document text color on chat screen (option 3.1.32)
    • Name the color on the chat screen (option 3.1.33)
    • Button for playing voice memos (Option 3.1.30)
    • Voice memo bar (3,329 options)
    • Icon color forwarding (option 3.1.25)
    • Forward background color (options 3.1.26)
    • Participant color (option 3.1.31)
    • Call Blocking / Who Can Call (Calls> Menu)
    • White
    • Saving themes automatically creates a .zip file!
    • Translations into Portuguese Portuguese (pt-BR)
    • Duplicate new FAB call
    • The participant's nickname is not colored in the group
    • The text size of the messages will not work in Arabic
    • Click to prevent YoWidget from blocking WhatsApp
    • HSV color options are not displayed on Android version 8.0+

How do I install Fouad WhatsApp APK on an Android device?

Step 1: Download Fouad WhatsApp APK from the download link above.

Step 2: Click on the local apk file you saved. You will be asked to enable anonymous resources in settings if you have not already done so. You just need to enable it.

Step 3: After installing Fouad WhatsApp Apk. Next, you need to open the app to set up your account.

Step 4: Enter your mobile number and tick. After that, you will be asked to restore the backup. To be healed. Depending on the size of the backup, this may take some time.

Step 5: Enter your name and click the Next button. That's it. Open the app settings and change styles and modes.


What is the difference between WhatsApp and FM Whatsapp?

The FMWhatsApp has features that WhatsApp users were looking for in the original app. From hiding your current status to customizing your app, this mod is packed with options you don’t normally find on the official WhatsApp.

What is FM WhatsApp APK?

FMWhatsApp is a modified version of the popular WhatsApp messaging app. It provides users with functions and options not provided by the original application.

Where can I download Fouad WhatsApp?

You can search the Internet for various download links. Since this is not the official version of WhatsApp, you will not be able to find it on your device’s official distribution service. When downloading mods from the internet, make sure the resource is secure.

What is the difference between WhatsApp and Fouad Whatsapp?

Fouad Whatsapp is a modified version of WhatsApp. It has many additional features compared to the official WhatsApp.

Can we use both Fouad WhatsApp and WhatsApp apps together?

Yes, Since the two modes have different file names, you can install both modes on your phone. But you have to use different mobile numbers for each application.

Can we use the Fouad WhatsApp app for iOS?

No. Unfortunately, there is no iOS version of Fouad WhatsApp available.

The Final Verdict

Excessive use of an app is sometimes tedious, even if it works well. No problem to use some mod for your app. As long as you are aware of the dangers of blocking WhatsApp.

This is the best way and has the best features along with new improvements and updates. I recommend you download the latest version here to improve your user experience. In fact, YoWhatsapp is the most used app by users who use it. In many ways, it is the same as YoW, but some additional features have been added.
The Fouad WhatsApp app is the most popular WhatsApp mod that people can use to improve their instant messaging and chat functionality. Allows us to hide specific notifications.

The biggest advantage of using this latest version is that you can access all the features without being locked out. Compared to GBWhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus apps, this version made with Fouad is great. This means you can use all the functions before anyone has access. Users are likely to download this app through YOWA.

What experience do you have in using fashion? Have you tried FMWhatsApp or Fouad WhatsApp before? Let us know your experiences in the comments below.
Are you ready to put your fashion on the line to enjoy your messaging experience? Then download the APK no. Explain to me what you think of the new app in the box below.

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