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App Name Instagram Plus APK
Publisher GBAPPX
Genre Entertainment
Size 37 MB
Latest Version v10.21.0
Required 5.0 +
MOD No Mod
Developer GBAppx
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Update 9 hours ago
Instagram Plus APK is known worldwide as a modified version of Instagram Official, including the latest features that Instagram doesn't have. This similar version of Instagram was developed with additional privacy options and Instagram Plus 2022 mainly allows you to download photos and videos. It is also an upgraded version of Instagram and allows users to easily zoom in on any profile photo.
Instagram is also undoubtedly the best app for Chatting apps like Facebook, WhatsApp. If Instagram users talk about Instagram's 350 million users, then you can imagine how popular Instagram is. But today we are not talking about Instagram, we are talking about Instagram's new Mod APK.

What is Instagram Plus APK?

Instagram Plus offers Instagram users much better features than Instagram. Insta Plus is made by developer Kevin Systrom. This is very special for Instagram users. If you use Instagram and you want to know more about this app, so make sure to put this at the end.
Because in today's post we will tell you about the Instagram Plus in detail. What is Instagram Plus? And what are their characteristics. And how to download Insta Plus easily.
Increase Your Instagram Presence
If you are looking for an effective and perfect way to increase your Instagram presence, you need to install the latest version of Instagram Plus. Instagram has always been one of my favorite platforms to share photos and videos with friends and family.
So, it's no surprise that Instagram Plus is also growing in popularity and offers a cleaner interface that makes it easier for users to discover new features in the app. The new app gives you access to Instagram's most important social network features, including new add-ons like followers, crawl feeds, confidential information and more.
Stable Enough for Alternative Instagram
Apart from that, Instagram Plus Apk is designed with lots of great settings like enabling video audio by default. That way, it plays with sound every time you watch a video. Apart from that Instagram plus latest version is an interesting alternative app that offers additional features from the official Instagram. The app also seems to be stable enough that it is a worthy alternative for any casual Android user of this popular social app.
Instagram Plus APK provides official updates which will never harm your android device and you can enjoy the excellent features of this app. Most importantly, this app is 100% safe for android users. Another great feature is Instagram plus you can update the basics and fix bugs. That way you will have its features after downloading this amazing app
Share on Instagram Plus
Just like official Instagram app, sharing photos and videos on Instagram, you can also easily share photos and videos on the Instagram Plus. In Instagram Plus you will find more security, features, privacy than Instagram, everything else is on par with Instagram. Let's say it's a storage app.
So, to do everything for you, all you need to do is download the Instagram and Insta Plus apps. You can use multiple duplicate Instagram accounts on one phone.
Why is Instagram Plus so Popular?
Instagram is quickly becoming a social network for sharing photos and videos. And what sets it apart from the rest? On the one hand, it's free. This means that you can find, post and like anything on Instagram, if it's related to Instagram. It also includes social networks that give you access to many other third-party applications.
This means you can share tabs with your friends while saving time by checking out the cool features of Instagram. In fact, other Mod versions don't offer great features. All additional features of this app will amaze you after installing this app. In this article, I will give you the latest link to download Instagram Plus on your android device.


Features Of Instagram Plus APK

Instagram Plus 2022 has so many new and exciting features that you will surely enjoy. The following are additional features of Instagram.
  • With this app you can download any photo or video from Instagram.
  • Users of this improved app can download all audio from Instagram without any problem.
  • You can also see someone who is following you on their Instagram page.
  • Another great feature of this app is that you can view anyone's full profile photo with a long click.
  • Also, you can easily share your direct URL to other apps or social networks.
  • By downloading this Instagram Plus Apk you can play videos with audio automatically.
  • Most importantly, the app also supports multiple languages ​​such as Arabic.
  • In this section, I will share some additional and important features of Instagram Plus Apk which make this app more popular and unique than the official Instagram.
  • Can't upload a friend's uploaded photo to their profile? Yes, if you download Instagram Plus, you can download it easily and simply via the option to download specific images and videos. In fact, Official Instagram does not allow you to enjoy this feature. This way, you can download and save any media file wherever you find it in seconds.
  • Without a doubt, 90% of people have Instagram + download to download stories. Instagram Plus comes with an awesome download option with stories. This is the main reason why this app has become popular. You can download stories as images as videos. Regardless of whether that person is your friend, you can download all public stories without any problem. Therefore, you can open Status and click the Download button on the status screen.
  • With official Instagram, you can never see someone's full DP size even if that person is following you. But here the coin flip about latest Insta plus apk. Only the developers designed it to provide features that the official Instagram doesn't have. On Instagram plus you can see the DP increase by clicking on the appropriate profile picture during the DP and you can download the file.
  • Download Instagram Photos and Videos: Insta Plus can easily download and save any videos and photos from Insta.
  • Stories & Videos: From here you can download any video from your dashboard or profile page. He can also download stories of his friends.
  • All Language Support: Insta Plus supports all holidays, but not Instagram.
  • Translate: With Insta Plus you can translate all your languages.
  • Theme: Good things about Insta. It also means you can create any theme on it. And you can choose the color you want.

Why is Insta Plus Apk Not Available on Play Store?

There are millions of social networking apps available on the Play Store, and in order to be there, apps have to follow certain rules as dictated by Google. In case of Insta Plus Apk, it doesn't follow the rules set by Google. That's why Instagram Plus Apk is not available on play store.

Download the latest version of Instagram Plus APK

I hope you understand all the above information, but now there is a question in my head to download Instagram Plus APK. So, you don't have to worry about that. If you want to download Instagram+ to your phone, here are some steps. You can easily download Insta Plus to your phone by following them.
First, let's say you can install your Instagram Chat without losing your Insta Plus. If you are told in detail below, Insta Plus will tell you that downloading is very easy if you install it for Instagram as well as doing this.

How to install Instagram Plus Apk?

Instagram Plus Apk is very easy to download, there is no special method to install it. The only thing to keep in mind is that you have to uninstall the official Instagram app from your Android device first. Then you can download and use this Instagram Plus Apk like a normal app. Below is a step by step guide to install Instagram Plus Apk.
  • If you already have it installed on your Android phone, uninstall the official Instagram app first. So go to Settings > Apps > Instagram > Uninstall.
  • Once you have deleted the official Instagram, you can download this modified version directly from the link below.
  • Now install Instagram Plus Apk on your android phone and it will go to download folder automatically.
  • Then go to your Instagram Plus Apk account and login or create a new one.
  • whoops! You have completed Instagram Plus apk in just few minutes. Now you can enjoy the latest and greatest features of this app successfully. Yes, you can also surprise your friends by downloading photos and videos from Instagram. Apart from that, the app is easy to use and 100% safe and free to download.
  • That's why the latest Instagram Plus Apk is designed with features that other Modded apps don't have. Apart from that, it also has all the official Instagram features. The latest and most amazing features are the main reason for users to return to the official Instagram.

Insta+ for computer:

If you want to use Instagram Plus Apk on your computer, then you can download it by following the steps below.
  • First, download an Android emulator to your computer, such as bluestacks player or noxplayer.
  • After installing the Android emulator on your computer, you can open the Play Store.
  • Then download Instagram Plus Apk from Play Store.
  • Then install the app on the emulator.
  • Done, now start using the latest Instagram plus apk on your computer.


Is Instagram Plus Apk safe to use or not?
This is one of the most important questions that users ask before installing this app. It is now 100% safe to use on your Android device as it is just a modified version of the official Instagram with additional features. There are many who have been using this app for the last two years and have no security.
Are there other Mods available, which one is the best?
If you install Insta plus apk, you will like this app. One of the main reasons why most people admire this app is because this modified version of Instagram is designed with additional features that are limited to the official Instagram app. This Instagram plus apk is really the best version.
Who is the creator of Instagram Mod Apk for Android 1?
This modified version of "Instagram Plus Apk" Instagram is developed by David.
Will I be banned from using the modified version?
Although few days ago, we found out that it prohibits people from using cracked version of Whatsapp like Instagram Plus. However, let me tell you that the modified version of Instagram is designed with anti-ban feature, which ensures you never get banned in your life.

Instagram Plus Apk Best Tips

Today we are going to discuss the best Instagram Plus apk, features and free updates. Instagram has been gaining a lot of popularity in recent times and it is only going to increase. It's not just about traffic, because the number of people using Instagram has increased significantly. If you have a large and engaged audience, your following will grow quickly, and you can grow your business at the same time. These are some of the best Instagram Plus apps available on Android phones. Enjoy!
  • This is one of the best android apk which works as instagram plus version
  • This is an apk file for instagram and android apps. This file offers all free features and premium options. It is 100% safe according to Google Play Store policies.
  • Instagram plus lets you download photos and videos from Instagram to your Android device.
  • Instagram is a free photo sharing app for your Android phone. You can easily capture, edit and share the world's moments on your Android device anytime, anywhere.


It's been a while since my last post, but life goes on. The summer has been busy for me so far with lots of new projects and taking care of several family members. Not blogging long, but I managed to complete this month's Instagram challenge. Look, I've been trying to learn Japanese, but it's hard to learn a lot of kanji. Part of my challenge is choosing the kanji that works best for an app like Instagram.
Overall, Instagram Plus Apk is one of the most popular and amazing Instagram Mods with lots of latest and interesting features. It supports all the features that every Instagram user needs, but the official Instagram doesn't have such a feature. So, you just need to download this app from the above link and enjoy the updated features on your Android device.
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