OGWhatsApp Pro APK

App Name OGWhatsApp Pro APK
Publisher GBAPPX
Genre Privacy & Data Share
Size 49.48 MB
Latest Version v16.20
Required 5.0 +
MOD No Mod
Developer GBAppx
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Update 6 hours ago
WhatsApp is a very popular application, and most people use it to send text messages and make calls, but although there are still some features, users are not satisfied, and here comes the new version of OG WhatsApp 2022 to give users the to give features they want, Download OG WhatsApp Pro to enjoy the Better WhatsApp version.
OGWhatsApp Pro APK
OGWA offers users many security features such as choosing who can see their profile photo, their status and who they can contact. These features are one of the most trusted messaging programs. Developers have also added new features to OG WhatsApp in the latest APK. These features include deleting deleted messages and hiding online status. OGWA is a great alternative to WhatsApp Plus.
OGWA has Overcame the Limitations
OG WhatsApp has worked to overcome the limitations faced by users with standard WhatsApp accounts. However, WhatsApp is the kind of change that is supported by many people who are looking for an alternative and better messaging platform.
Since there is one version ban for people who use other versions to prevent them from losing their WhatsApp account, it is important to emphasize other things that this great application will keep your offers out of the box.
What is OG WhatsApp Pro?
This is a modified version of the original WhatsApp, OG WhatsApp is a WhatsApp Plus version from developer Alex, you can customize the OG WhatsApp interface and have privacy settings.
OG WhatsApp overcomes the limitations that a standard WhatsApp account can do. However, this application is the kind of innovation that remains a favorite of many people who are looking for an alternative and better form of WhatsApp messaging platform.
Now that there is an anti-ban version to use an alternative version to protect people from losing their WhatsApp account, it is important to consider the other things that this amazing application gives you out of the box:

Download Instructions

Before downloading the APK file, make sure that your device meets the minimum requirements. These requirements include the version of the Android operating system and sufficient storage space for your application data.
OG WhatsApp Pro APK is a reliable mod for its users. Click the "Download OG WhatsApp APK"



  • Save status - The beautiful videos or images you see in this contact's status can be saved directly to the application. With one tap, all the support you want in your situation is yours
  • Copy Status - In terms of text, OG WhatsApp allows you to easily copy your status to your disk.
  • Group Names - WhatsApp group name limits prevent you from being as creative as you want to be, but with OG WhatsApp's 35 characters you can get rid of all that creative juice.
  • Duplicate Accounts - Many people are limited to using duplicate accounts on multiple phones. Sometimes alternative applications can be used to clone WhatsApp by default for a dual experience. However, you can run TWO DIFFERENT ACCOUNTS from one OG WhatsApp application. This makes it easy to switch from one account to another and keeps all your controls aside
  • And Much More - talk about personalization, send high quality images, share loads of media at once, block conversations within selected application users, and much more, this application has in it for you.
  • To enjoy it and more, just download OG WhatsApp Pro from the box above. Click here to read the full description.
System Requirements
  • Requires Android version 4.0 or higher
  • It can be installed on rooted or non-rooted Android devices
  • Program installation requires activation of "Unknown sources" via APK file.

Key Features of OG WhatsApp Pro

  • It works with original WhatsApp
You do not need to uninstall official WhatsApp to use OG WhatsApp Pro, if you use a different phone number that you use for official WhatsApp, you can use both on the same device.
  • Personal
It's like other versions of WhatsApp Plus so you can better manage your privacy so you can hide online status, hide blue ticks and second tap, lock with WhatsApp pattern or fingertip and "Type" and "Sign in”.
  • Customize chat interface
You can customize the chat interface to your liking by changing the background color and chat bubble color.
  • Save Status
From OG WhatsApp Pro, you can save your friend's status in video or image by clicking the download button below, and you can choose whether or not your friends know their status by clicking the tap button below.
  • Swivel button
The OG WhatsApp Pro push button has four buttons:
  • First Button: You have access to your contacts.
  • Second Button: Restart OG WhatsApp Pro.
  • Third Button: See all the changes your friends have made to their profile.
  • Fourth Button: Enter OG settings.
  • Change the font
  • Turn off the internet on OG WhatsApp
In OG WhatsApp Pro, you can turn off the Internet while other applications are still active, but this feature may cause delays in receiving messages.
  • Turn off the internet
  • Other features of OG WhatsApp
  • Adjust the main interface, where you can change the location of the navigation bar.
  • Change notification and icon style.
  • Download the theme from OG WhatsApp, to learn how to change it, visit WhatsApp Plus Themes.
  • Change emoji style.
  • Turn on dark mode.
Detailed Features Review
  • Save Status - Nice videos or pictures
  • Duplicate accounts - Many people are limited to using duplicate accounts on dual phones. Sometimes alternative applications can be used to clone the basic WhatsApp experience. However, you can work with two different BI accounts from the OG WhatsApp application. This makes it easy to switch from one account to another and everyone is in control.
  • And much more - Talk about customization, upload high quality images, share multiple media at once, block conversations from users of your preferred application, and much more that this application has for you.
To enjoy them all, download OG WhatsApp Pro in the box above.

Other Features of OG WhatsApp

  • Customize the main interface, where you can change the location of the navigation bar.
  • Change notification and icon style.
  • Download the theme of OG WhatsApp, to learn how to change it, visit WhatsApp Plus Themes.
  • Change emoji style.
  • Enable dark mode.
Set the group name to 35 characters
WhatsApp is also known for its group messaging feature. We love connecting with our family, friends and colleagues with this app. In the original application, group names can only be 25 characters long. The latest version of OG WhatsApp lets you expand your group name to a total of 35 characters.
  • Integrated status download feature
In the original WhatsApp, you can only view status photos and videos. This feature makes it even more fun to use the messaging application, as it is not only limited to messaging. You can add to the fun with OG WhatsApp status download feature so you can share and save those memories.
  • Copy someone's status to your clipboard
This feature lets you copy everyone's status to your clipboard. In the official version of the application, you cannot just copy and paste someone's status. With OG WhatsApp you can copy and paste your contact status wherever you want. This feature is available in the latest version of OG WhatsApp.
  • Integrated WhatsApp Locker
Since its release, users have been looking for a safe way to protect their messages from others. Even if you look at third-party developers, no one has developed add-ons or standalone keys for WhatsApp. OG WhatsApp provides you with an integrated cache that helps you protect your apps from prying eyes.
  • Block calls from specific contacts
Sometimes there are only a few contacts that you need to block, but you do not want to cause much trouble. OG WhatsApp lets you block contacts by customizing specific contact settings. Your contacts will not even know they have blocked it.
  • Upload 90 photos at once
One of the great features of WhatsApp is that you can send good quality photos as compared to other messaging apps. However, the application limits you to send only ten photos at a time. We know how tedious and repetitive the process is when choosing photos from your phone. On the other hand, OG WhatsApp can send you more than 90 photos at once so you can send them all at once.
  • More characters for written status
In the official application, you only must limit the status to 130 characters. It can be very frustrating to write. In the latest version of OG WhatsApp, the limit has been increased to 250 characters. It's great when you use longer and longer words for your situation.


How to Update OG WhatsApp Pro APK?
Because the original messaging application has changed, you will not receive any updates from official distribution services, such as the Google Play Store. Always check for updates about OG WhatsApp Pro APK on this site. To update, download the updated APK file and install it on your device. This process automatically updates the application version for your mobile device.
Is OG WhatsApp Pro anti-ban?
Yes, developer Alex has added an anti-banking code to this OG Whatsapp Pro, but there is still no word on blocking users who have been using this Android application for a while. I'm sure that with these anti-ban measures you can easily bypass the WhatsApp ban system and enjoy OGWA features without any problems. My recommendation is to use as few features as possible for your safety.
How can I delete my account if I'm blocked?
If you get a temporary ban page when you open the OG WhatsApp Pro Android application, you need to uninstall it and install the official version of Google Playstore. Log in to your account now and use it for at least 7 days and go back to your desired WAMOD. Suppose you end up with a permanent ban; all you can do is send a message about the situation (sorry to point out) to the official team and wait for their response.
How can I update OG WhatsApp Pro APK?
There are two methods to update the official OG WhatsApp Android application. The first is simple and you will get notifications in the application. And the second is bookmark this page or join our telegram team to get the latest updates quickly. Before installing a new version, a backup must be made to keep the old version safe.
Can I use a second WhatsApp account with OG WhatsApp Pro APK?
Yes, OG WhatsApp Pro APK comes with the package name com.gbwa3 and is installed as a standalone application. So you can not only use 2 accounts, you can also use 3 accounts on the same Android device. This is only possible if you have installed WhatsApp Plus (com.wa) and GBWhatsApp (com.gbwa).

Last Words

In my opinion, those who know OG WhatsApp can easily pick up these Alex Mods. I can not say that these are exact copies of OG WhatsApp, but I can say that almost all the features are comparable to the Yousef application. The wonderful thing is that Alex's fashion has been updated to the last base and I hope this project continues for a long time.
OG WhatsApp Pro APK is full of exciting and amazing new features that you will not find in fashion. Share this article with your friends and see you next time.
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