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App Name WA Tweaker APK
Publisher GBAPPX
Genre Privacy & Data Share
Size 11 MB
Latest Version v1.6.8
Required 5.0 +
MOD No Mod
Developer GBAppx
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Update 9 hours ago
WA Tweaker APK is a small app that can activate all the features "hidden" in the beta version of WhatsApp. Of course, to use this app you need a rooted Android device, otherwise, almost all app functions will not work properly.
WA Tweaker is easy to use. First, close WhatsApp and turn on airplane mode. After opening WA Tweaker, activate the functions you want and open WhatsApp again. And that's it! Then sit back and enjoy all the new features that are turned off by default.
That said, it’s important to note that all the features that WA Tweaker can enable are already in the WhatsApp app, even if disabled. In other words, WA Tweaker has NOT added features that developers no longer put in WhatsApp.
Get the most out of WhatsApp with WA Tweaker, the latest version of WA Tweaks (now an outdated app). Not only that but although it may at first glance, the application is very easy to use. It doesn't take two minutes to activate all sorts of interesting hidden functions!

WA Tweaker APK

WA Tweaker 2022 APK is not a modified application of the official WhatsApp app, but it can unlock all the great features of the latest version of WhatsApp Beta on our device in seconds. This little app was developed by a great developer of 'Alex193a' without using any mod app to unlock the hidden features of WhatsApp. Continue to read WA Tweaker APK Version 2022 and find out how it works.
As we know, some people do not prefer WhatsApp modes because they are aware of the drawbacks of their use like a ban. Just for them, we brought the latest version of WA Tweaker, formerly known as ‘WhatsApp Tweaks’. Read more about the 2022 WA Tweaker APK about the possibilities, a direct download link, frequently asked questions about WA Tweaker, and the final verdict.
WA Tweaker allows the user to use the hidden features of WhatsApp. The app can activate all the "hidden" features of WhatsApp. To use this app, you need to install WhatsApp on your device.



Easiest To Use Application

Very easy to use. First, close WhatsApp and turn on airplane mode. After opening WA Tweaker, activate the functions you want and open WhatsApp again. Then sit back and enjoy all your new features. Hide archived conversations. Increase media size. Members of unlimited groups. Block with a WhatsApp code. Save contact status. Increase the length of the group description.
Get more privacy with the last seen WhatsApp with WA Tweaker. Turn off reading contacts and delivery reports. You can also turn off the write indicator as a recording indicator. Talk to contacts without an address book. Change the font and color of the status bar. Replace emojis. Note that all posts have no time limit and more ... There are many mods available now. There you can change the subject. This application is different and allows users to unlock features that are not available to all users. Change the look of your WhatsApp. It is important to note that all the functions that WA Tweaker can enable are already present in WhatsApp.
WA Tweaker Got the Best of WhatsApp.
It doesn't take a few minutes to enable all the interesting hidden functions

What is the Latest Version of WA Tweaker 2022 APK?

WA Tweaker is just a small app for Android devices that can unlock many features in WhatsApp Beta. We cannot use the official version of WA Tweaker because it only supports beta. Unlocked features can include hidden features, privacy features, some multimedia features, and more. So if you are looking for a small app that will load less RAM on your device, you can download the latest version of WA Tweaker APK. Also, read more about WA Tweaker features in this article.

Information on WA Tweaker 2022 APK

WA Tweaker has so many features for personalization, hide features, and many more that can be unlocked in this little app in WhatsApp Beta. Moreover, these functions can be easily applied in WhatsApp Beta. Read the article below to find out how to enable WA Tweaker Beta features in WhatsApp. The features are listed below.

Features of WA Tweaker 2022 APK

Hidden Features:
  • Unlock hidden features in WhatsApp.
  • Adjust the final look.
  • Kill the second character.
  • Hide the blue checkmark.
  • Hide write status.
  • It's easy to hide the recording status.
Privacy Features:
  • Against retreat
  • Notice of withdrawal
  • Block WhatsApp
  • Do not disturb mode
  • Increase status words
  • Copy the contact status
  • Increase the length of the group description
  • Media size limits have been increased
  • Limits for team members may increase
  • You don't have to save a number to chat and make calls
  • Themes, personalized stickers.
Other Possibilities:
  • Customize functions
  • The resulting conversations can be hidden
  • The color of the toolbar can be changed
  • The font of the user interface is subject to change
  • Notification icons may change.
  • More than 3 calls can be anchored.
  • Enable all hidden functions
  • Last seen freezing
  • Turn off read editing
  • Submit reports
  • Turn off the typewriter
  • Turn off the recording indicator
  • Messages against reminders
  • Block with a WhatsApp code
  • Kill large emojis
  • Save contact status
  • Increase the quality of the situation
  • Increase the length of the group description
  • Increase the media limit
  • Participants in an unlimited number of groups
  • Talk to contacts without an address book
  • Memorize all messages without a time limit
  • Hide tabs
  • Hide archived conversations
  • Change the UI font
  • Change the color of the toolbar
  • Change the color of the status bar
  • Change the color of the item a lot
  • Replace emojis
  • And Much More ...

The Features of The 2022 WA Tweaker APK Are Explained

Here are the features described in the WA Tweaker APK. All features can be enabled from WA Tweaker for use in WhatsApp Beta without using WhatsApp mod APK.
  • Hidden Features
  • With the help of the WA Tweaker APK, you can keep the second brand even when your internet is turned on.
  • You can hide the blue mark in the WA Tweaker APK even if you have read the message.
  • We can fix the latter as frozen in WA Tweaker.
  • We can hide our recording status and write or also write to WA Tweaker APK for Android 2019.

Privacy Features of the WA Tweaker 2022 Version

We can use the anti-recording function with WA Tweaker. Any time someone deletes a message from our chat, it will display 'this message has been permanently deleted' and, using the counter-cancellation message, we can view that message. WA Tweaker is a useful feature to unlock WhatsApp in beta.
As an anti-theft message, we have a feature called “anti-theft status” and it allows us to see the status of people who remove the status after adding the status to the screen.
With the updated WA Tweaker we can block our conversations and WhatsApp Beta.

Customization and Other Functions

  • With WA Tweaker we can amplify words in a situation. So we can use a larger scenario.
  • Friends, we can copy the contact status.
  • We can also extend the length of the group description and team members.
  • Now we can customize the functions of WA Tweaker in WhatsApp Beta.
  • With the help of WA Tweaker, we can hide conversations.
  • The font and color of the toolbar can be changed.

Terms of use of WA Tweaker APK 2022

  • Android version must be at least 4.1.
  • The latest version of WhatsApp Beta is required.
  • Stable internet connection.
  • Read the guide to enable hidden features in WA Tweaker APK.
To download WA Tweaker or WA Tweaker, click the download button. We offer a quick one-button download, which is rarely seen on the web nowadays. Download WA Tweaker by clicking the download button to get the latest version for Android 2019.

How do You Enable Hidden Features In The 2022 WA Tweaker APK?

To enable or disable the super features in Beta WhatsApp, you need to follow these simple steps outlined here.
  • First, close the WhatsApp app.
  • Activate airplane mode.
  • Open WA Tweaker and choose which glasses you want to unlock in WhatsApp beta.
  • Turn off airplane mode.
  • Close WA Tweaker.
  • Open WhatsApp Beta and activate the internet connection.
That's it, you can now enjoy all these features unlocked in WA Tweaker APK. You can read the explanation of these features in our article. You can also get a lot of information about WA Tweaker APK.

WhatsApp Tweaker 2022 Installation Guide for Version

To install WA Tweaker APK, you need to follow a few simple steps. Read these steps here in this section. If you are also having trouble installing the WA Tweaker APK, please comment on the issue in our comment box and we will help you as soon as possible.
Step 1:
Permission to install WhatsApp Tweaker 2022 Mod APK is required to enable anonymous sources. To enable anonymous source> go to device settings> security> access rights> unknown source> enable. You must enable this permission because WhatsApp Tweaker is not officially available in stores. It is also a third-party application so you will need to enable anonymous resources.
Step 2:
Now, after enabling the installation from an unknown source, you need to find the WA Tweaker APK. You can go to Default Location> Device Storage> Downloads> WA Tweaker APK. Now you have found the APK and you just opened the WhatsApp Tweaker APK. Tap the install button and wait a few seconds.
Step 3:
WA Tweaker installation is complete. Now you can run this APK and enable all the hidden features in WhatsApp Beta. Don’t forget to “read our guide on how to enable hidden features in WA Tweaker APK” Now, before leaving the website, you can read the rest of the article for FAQs and conclusions.

WhatsApp Tweaker Frequently Asked Questions

Here we include some frequently asked questions about WhatsApp Tweaker. Even after reading this, we have some questions, some issues instead of commenting on our question in the comment box. We will help you solve your problem at some point.
How do I install WA Tweaker on my Android device?
To install WhatsApp Tweaker, you need to follow a few simple steps in the WhatsApp Tweaker installation guide. Without the installation guide, you will not be able to install the WA Tweaker APK properly.
Is it safe to use WhatsApp Tweaker on my device?
Yes, it is safe to use the latest version of WA Tweaker APK. You should know that the older version of WhatsApp Tweaker requires a rooted device to be installed, but when the latest version arrives, WA WAeaker does not require a rooted device to be installed. This is safe for your device. And if you’re looking for APKs to root, don’t simply install them.
Can I use WA Tweaker 2022 for the official version of WhatsApp?
No, you cannot use WA Tweaker APK for the official version of WhatsApp, even if it supports it, it does not mean that it is stable and works properly. That’s why you need the latest version of WhatsApp Beta to use Watweaker. WhatsApp allows you to unlock hidden functions without using modes.
How can I update WhatsApp Tweaker APK 2022?
To update WA Tweaker APK to the latest version, you need to visit our website as we provide the latest version of WA Tweaker and WhatsApp and Instagram modes. You don’t have to pay for it, it’s also free and easy compared to other websites that open ads and popups every time you click the download button.
Does it support all the functions of a WhatsApp Mod?
Not much, not less. WA Tweaker is the latest APK app for Android, a small app used to unlock the hidden features of WhatsApp Beta regarding privacy features, security features, personalization, and other features. It unlocks so many features, but we can’t compare them all to WhatsApp modes, as you know, WhatsApp modes are specially designed to provide exceptional features. But don’t worry because WA Tweaker has no shortage of these mods. It also unlocks various useful functions that can be used without installing fashion in the WhatsApp version.

The Final Verdict

So you are now at the end of the 2022 release of the WA Tweaker APK version. Everything you need to read about features, APK information, WhatsApp Tweaker requirements, explained features, installation guide, and FAQs. Easy if you want to unlock the hidden features of WhatsApp Beta with this little tweaker app, download the 2022 Latest WA Tweaker APK.
The latest version of WhatsApp Tweaker (WA Tweaker) is safe, stable, and improved. Unlock additional WhatsApp features with WhatsApp Tweaker without using WhatsApp mod APK. What do you think? Your feedback is important for us to know. Comment on what you think of the WhatsApp Tweaker 2022 version in terms of features, performance, issues, etc. In our comment box.
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