WhatsApp Prime APK

App Name WhatsApp Prime APK
Publisher GBAPPX
Genre Privacy & Data Share
Size 37 MB
Latest Version 11.2
Required 5.0 +
MOD No Mod
Developer GBAppx
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Update 9 hours ago
Despite the wide range of applications for sending calls and messages, as in the case of LINE, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and many others, the throne of WhatsApp is not yet available to them. While it struggles with specifications and functionality like instant messaging is used by billions of most used users around the world, no one cares. Here we will talk about WhatsApp Prime, a fashion that improves your user experience. But before that, I invite you to try the SX projects for the best mods.

What is WhatsApp Prime APK?

WhatsApp is probably the most used instant messaging app in the world. However, we are not always happy because we want to get more and more customization and alternative to WhatsApp Prime App. Mark Zuckerberg’s team is gradually introduced, along with new capabilities to the app, but overall, they’re not far behind the messaging apps that are so important in terms of innovation.
This is why many users prefer the MOD as they prefer the professional WhatsApp Messenger app. The development of this type of the third party, which is rarely legal because the WhatsApp code is not open source, offers many possibilities and options for the original application. Today we present WhatsApp Prime. They should be included in a long list of similar mods like WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, or OG WhatsApp. WhatsApp Prime app.
While their developers don’t want to publish APKs that allow us to improve, expand, and extend their functionality, like LOGO, there are alternative third-party developments like Plus or OGWhatsApp, the app we are considering today: Transparent WhatsApp.
If you’ve probably collected from his name, this is a MOD that will help us stop the tedious background of the messaging app (you can adjust your photo to your liking...



About the WhatsApp Prime APK

Today I will introduce you to the latest and most advanced WhatsApp mod, WhatsApp Transparent Prime. As you’ve probably learned from the name, the messaging app wall is a way to help us stop seeing the sad paper.
You can change the image of your choice to find the home screen of your smartphone. Ignore all these great features that will help you manage your privacy to make WhatsApp the most secure mobile chat app. Now let’s go through the procedures for generating and downloading WhatsApp Prime.
WhatsApp Prime in particular is a good example. It is currently the only version of WhatsApp that allows you to call videos. Check now. Let's look at the details of the application.
Of all the instant messaging apps on the web, WhatsApp retains the throne. Obviously, there are over a billion active users online. WhatsApp Plus management is based on Facebook, the original app has been improved with a few changes. However, the need for additional functionality and features is noteworthy.


Here is a description of WhatsApp Transparent details. Skip this section now if you are aware of these features. However, you can check it to see all the features better.
User Interface and Performance Have Been Improved
The overall performance of the WhatsApp Prime app is improving as before. Share videos and photos if you have a smooth communication experience with friends. The user interface will remain the most important one, improved by a new look and performance.
Updated Privacy Features
Confidential features have been improved. We can be more secure and private within the WhatsApp Prime mod. Call me and freeze me at last seen’ is an example of the features that WhatsApp Prime has. Features available through official WhatsApp such as disabling reading, hiding profile pictures, and in terms of information can also share status sharing contacts through transparent WhatsApp APK.
Copy the Status
If you want a specific status, you can copy and paste it into your status bar.
Don't Forget the Protocols and Legal Codes
The developers created the app with sets of legal codes and protocols. As a result, you will never be banned from the original app.
Video Size is Enlarged
Video upload size increased to 70MB.
Pay Attention to the Quality of the Photos
This app offers you the same status where you can upload your photos. Your recipient will receive the same resolution and file size.
Turn the Call Button Off and on Again
There are times when you accidentally press the call key when you open the call. This problem is solved. You can turn the call button on and off as desired.
Character Limit Increased
Character limits have been increased for all options. Now you can give the character more freedom.
Better Customization to a Larger Size
You can customize themes, notification icons, sticker sets, WhatsApp status, group members, and larger sizes. Prime has many new themes and sticker packs available in WhatsApp Prime APK. It can be custom-made and flawless used like most of these old WhatsApp mods. Use WhatsApp Transparent Prime and enjoy a number of features.
Hidden Functions Have Been Improved
Hidden functions are an integral part of a WhatsApp mod, moreover, all these functions violate the privacy of WhatsApp officials. However, in some cases, applying these features may lead to the illegalization of your account.

Advanced Features

  • Hide your state of affairs from everyone's situation.
  • You can protect the blue mark.
  • Hide the second character of the sent message by customizing the WhatsApp Prime Mod APK.
  • Ability to hide your online status in an active tool like WhatsApp.
  • The date and time can be hidden when copying the communication.
  • You can hide the WhatsApp forwarding tag when forwarding all messages from another chat.
  • The ability to transfer files is increased.
  • This version can transfer 300 files at once, including images, videos, or documents.
  • Watch multimedia without downloading
  • The user does not need to download the media. It can be previewed without downloading.
  • Disable the answer option
  • You can turn off replies to your contacts. This means you can send messages, but your connection is not allowed to respond. Due to this feature, one-way communication is possible.
DND Mod and Anti-Ban System
DND is a great feature of WhatsApp Models. In WhatsApp Prime, this feature has been modified to avoid mistakes or omissions. The anti-ban system will get the APK development update of the WhatsApp Prime mod. Using the latest mode will reduce your chances of being banned, unlike many WhatsApp models.
Extensively Share Media Files
With WhatsApp Prime, you can share files in large quantities. The file size can be up to 1 GB. You can share high-quality images and videos. Multiple photos can be shared at once. It becomes very easy to easily share photos of the celebration, wedding functions with family and friends.
  • This record can transfer 300 documents at once, including photos, movies, or documents.
  • No need to download media. It can be previewed without downloading
  • You can turn off replies to your contacts. This means you can send messages, but you do not have permission to reply. Because of this feature
  • A unilateral explanation is certainly possible.
  • If you want a specific situation, you can copy and paste it into the popular bar
  • Developers have developed tools with a serious set of codes and protocols. This way you will not be removed from the original program.
  • Video transfer length has been increased to 70 MB.
  • This tool displays your images in the same terms as you download them. The recipient gets both the decision and the length of the document
  • This happens randomly, even if the call is open, then press the call button. This problem has been resolved. You can enable or disable any call button
  • Download WhatsApp Prime apk if you want
  • Character limits have been increased for all options. Now you can express more freedom in nature.

Installation Guidelines

We recommend that you fully understand the steps so that you can install all APK files. Here is the WhatsApp Transparent Prime installation guide:
  • Enable unknown sources-Enable all installations from unknown sources first so that you can install third-party applications on your device. WhatsApp modes are not officially available in the App stores.
  • Enable anonymous resource by going to device settings> add settings> privacy> by going to an anonymous source and enable anonymous resource.
  • This step may be different from other devices such as Configure> Security> Enable> Unknown resources.
  • Go to Downloads-After enabling installation from unknown sources, see what WhatsApp Transparent Prime has downloaded. Go to the device storage to download the GBPlus Transparent APK.
  • GBPlus Transparent Prime APK Installation-Enable any installation from unknown sources and place the APK just like you. Open that GBPlus WhatsApp Prime and tap the install button.
  • Wait a moment and let the installer complete its task. After installation very well and now you can use WhatsApp Transparent Prime APK device.
  • Add an account, restore old data, and enjoy modern fashion.
Update to the Latest Version
What if I tell you that there is a personalized Whatsapp account that is better than the initial administration? That’s right, a custom Whatsapp variation called Whatsapp Transparent is now available to all users.


How Do You Fix WhatsApp Clearly?
Follow our instructions to customize and display WhatsApp Transparent the way you want, but we have to mention that it is almost impossible to list all the possible personalization options available here. Open transparent WhatsApp and look for the three vertical dots in the top right corner to access the options. From the drop-down in the corner, you can select Norah Mods / GB settings to adjust your privacy settings to Aesthetic settings such as Mod Policies.
What is WhatsApp Transparent and What is it For?
WhatsApp Transparent is a WhatsApp MOD that we can use to compare to the original client, but it also includes new privacy and personalization options. It allows us to call videos, send audio notes, or all kinds of files. The most striking feature is of course it applies a transparent interface so that we can see all the text on the wallpaper on the home screen of the phone.

The Final Verdict

The app has many updated features and it is better than the first version. Save this post as a bookmark in your browser for future changes to the Transparent Prime APK. WhatsApp Transparent is made using the most advanced technology. This action aims to get the best experience with a WhatsApp mod.
You should try this new version to get a better change from the original WhatsApp. You can find comfort on the road.
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